katcalvez asked:

I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG! You're photography is awesome & inspiring. Keep it up. God Bless! :)

*** Answer:

thanks kat! :)

aperture24 asked:

lovely photos :-)

*** Answer:

thanks simon! i love your photos!! i hope i get to eat some of those foods that you post haha! they look ravishing and always makes me hungry lol 

Anonymous asked:

Are you possibly related to THE Jason Magbanua? You got mad skills with photography and the surname, so... :bd :>

*** Answer:

i get this question like A LOT haha well, i really do hope that we’re somehow related but unfortunately, we’re not. :(( thanks btw :”>

jepoyohboy asked:

ganda ng photoblog, shet. Haha :D

*** Answer:

thank youu! :D

breathing-s asked:

Thank you Ate Denice! Ganda ng mga shots mo :')

*** Answer:

thanks kez! :))

letterstomeia asked:

Not really a question. But love the photos. Xo -m

*** Answer:

hahaha thank you! :D

"I said I love you, you said you loved me."
- d.m., late night thoughts (ten word story)

ace-potatoes asked:

Hello there! I just want to say, I FUCKING LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! They're awesome! Nicely done! :)

*** Answer:

thank you! :D

imperiusromanus asked:

Ang ganda ng photos mo! :) Lalo na yung fresh upload mo yang may sunrise hahaha. Galing hihihi

*** Answer:

thanks roman! ganda din ng photos mo! :)))

Sunset’s Kiss, 2014

Sunsets and sunrise may be considered cliché but you can never deny its beauty.

(Source: denicemagbanua)

janine-co asked:

Hello! I really love you photos ever since and I'm glad I found your blog <3 Haha hope we can be friends! :) Btw, I'm the one who recently followed you on Insta and Twitter. Have a great day and keep inspiring. Oh and I love your red hair hahahaha (sorry I am getting creepy olredi?) but honestly yes! Haha that's all :D

*** Answer:

yaaay! sure, we can be friends! hahaha no it’s not creepy lol thanks janine! :D